1. George
    February 19

    This does not work. It used to work last year, but no longer.

    • Anne Dorko
      February 23

      It actually does work, and quite nicely. I just tested it again to be sure!

        • Anne Dorko
          March 25

          That’s if you only visit that page.

          However, if you put the appropriate parameters on the end of the URL (by exactly following the instructions here) it still works – at least for me. I just tested to be sure, and it is at this moment showing me my feed!

    • May 16

      yeah. me too. not work again for now :(

    • Anne Dorko
      May 11

      Maybe it’s just me, but I still have access to the status.php page. I believe you must not be following the instructions exactly. If you miss any of the parameters it will give you that error.

      • Shirish
        June 22

        Hi Anne,
        Zack is partly right. This doesn’t work for everyone. I discovered this TODAY by myself (a late boomer) and was so excited I asked all my friends to give it a try. Apparently, it only works for the old Facebook users. Most of the newer users (with larger “id” values) cannot access their status updates via RSS.
        Maybe it’s Facebook’s way of thanking us for being with them 😛
        Or maybe we’re the unfortunate ones. Anyone who gets the “key” value right, gets access to our Status updates (regardless of our privacy settings).

        • Looks like they’re slowly squeezing access to this feed even for the older folks. This solution used to work for me, now it doesn’t. Has anybody tried changing permissions to their profile to see if that works? If so, which permissions?

  2. For the huge amount of time that I’ve spend researching how to bring in a simple RSS so that my client’s site (www.myrighttime.com/blog) can see the Facebook posts, you’d think the answer would be more clear. All I want to do, is display the client’s WALL posts (www.facebook.com/myrighttime) …I’ve tried it all – nothing works correctly. Twitter was a cake walk – facebook is a cake in my face…anyone know how to do this correctly?

    • Anne Dorko
      May 20

      You want to display wall posts, not status updates? I’ll look and see if I can find anything.

  3. June 2

    Steps I followed:

    * Go to this URL: http://www.facebook.com/notifications.php
    * Right-click on the “Via RSS” link, and copy the link.
    * The link: http://www.facebook.com/feeds/notifications.php?id=#########&viewer=#########&key=##########&format=rss20
    * Replace “notifications.php” with “status.php”.
    * Try going directly to the new link. (Firefox does that feed-parsing thing, so.)


    This feed URL is no longer valid. Visit this page to find the new URL, if you have access, http://www.facebook.com/minifeed.php?status&id=#########.

    That link is completely meaningless to Google Reader, alas.

    It might be that some folk have access to that, and some don’t. This isn’t surprising, given how insanely large Facebook is. Might be a “We haven’t removed that functionality on all servers yet” thing.

  4. June 2

    I forgot to mention: it’s meaningless because minifeed.php &c &c just redirects to the profile.

  5. Terran
    June 8

    Nope, doesn’t work for me either, and I’ve double-checked all of the URL parameters.

  6. megan
    June 22

    Go to your notes section on Facebook and click “Subscribe”. Then, when you’re in the RSS reader, simply change the part that says “notes.php?” to “status.php?”. This will not show wall updates through Twitter or posts by others, though. I think there is a way to do it, but your privacy settings must be lower.

  7. philly
    July 2

    This only works for all the pages that are old.. I joined in 06, it worked for me… I did the exact same instructions for my friend who joined a few months ago, and it doesn’t work…. Go figure.

    • Anne Dorko
      July 2

      Philly, been noted! I have recently updated the post to reflect this (see up at the top).

  8. Stacy
    August 17

    Changing “notes” to “friends_status” works but not for my own status.

  9. Stacy
    August 17

    The friends status RSS page only shows 1 post even though I’ve been working on this for hours and have received more updates. If it worked properly then I could just make a dummy profile and friend myself of course. ( And cross my fingers that facebook doesn’t redirect this page yet again)

  10. Christian Longe
    November 2

    It worked for me. Why doesn’t facebook publish this link somewhere usable. It can’t be a privacy thing because they do provide it.

    • December 16

      It also work for me.
      IMO, it will not work when we change the status privacy setting from ‘everyone’ to other than ‘everyone’

    • Andrew
      April 11

      Sadly, that doesn’t work. Did you have success or was this just a guess?

  11. Ahmad
    November 21

    I want to get a feed of My Friend’s status. And by changing ‘notes’ to ‘status’ shows the status updates of friends of my friend!
    Well, it works, whatever it gives, after so many failed tries.

  12. Adam
    December 7


    I got this to work, but it only displays 6 items – how can I load more?


  13. woodsy
    December 11

    This works!
    Go here.http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?friends#!/notes.php?recent

    Click subcribe to feed then url should look like this below.

    Change friends_notes to friends_status in the url and hit go to in address bar.It should take you here


    Then click on subcribe to feed.

    You can subscribe to notifications here


    Hope this helps it took hours to figure it out but works well!

    • Karen
      July 1

      Thank you! This worked for me – the feature had disappeared a few weeks ago, but now I can rss my friends’ status updates. You rule! :-)

  14. March 17

    This seems not to work anymore with the new facebook. Anyone knows a new solution?

  15. MB
    April 5

    Thanks so much for posting this. For the life of me, I wasn’t able to get my Facebook status RSS feed.. =)

  16. Jenny
    May 2

    Worked for me, great job!
    (I’ve had my Facebook account since 2005)

  17. suzana66
    June 2

    Any idea how I can convert facebook fan page status updates to RSS?

    • fibbz
      June 30

      Thanks, but this version is a little bit more messy than the old FB-RSS. Anyway it’s good start.

  18. January 31

    THANK YOU!!! Finally something that I got to work.

  19. September 5

    Thanks Anne!! Was hunting for a solution for this name issue on my RSS feed since a few days..

  20. johnny
    July 12

    Thank you for your help with FB RSS

  21. Martijn
    September 16

    So how to get someone else’s status RSS?

  22. October 9

    Well yes i too tried it and it doesnt work for me but for my husband it works perfectly fine. We both use the same URLS and still it gives a different story. My Fb account is a new one meanwhile my husband has it since a long time. I guess facebook is not giving this access to every single of its users..

    Thanks for sharing the post though :)

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