The ONLY plugin that makes creating a WordPress dictionary easy.

No hassle. Just you and your custom dictionary.

Raise your hand if you’ve been wasting hours trying to figure out how to get your custom dictionary up and running on your website.I know you just raised your hand because I’ve been there.Last year, I set out to create a cute dictionary for pug lovers. I thought it would be easy. The idea was simple enough, right?

But it turned out I was wrong – creating a dictionary on a WordPress website is hard. It felt like something was breaking at every turn. I decided it was time for a fix. I rolled up my sleeves and created the Dictionary Plugin for WordPress.

It needed to be easy to use, simple to update, and just work once I installed it.

What you see here today is the result of the elbow grease I’ve been applying heavily over this last year. With over a hundred users, the Dictionary Plugin for WordPress is now a thriving solution for people who don’t want to waste time with broken dictionaries.

The Dictionary Plugin for WordPress works any way you need it to – whether you’re supplementing a dictionary into your existing website, or building a brand new dedicated dictionary site.

If you’re comfortable creating Posts and Pages, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how natural you’ll feel adding Entries into your dictionary. I designed everything to fit the flow of the WordPress interface.

An elegant solution to a simple problem.

I enjoy creating a lot of projects online. I like to use flexible plugins that allow me to focus on my content creation rather than worrying about configuration settings.

If you’re like me, you’ll quickly see that the Dictionary Plugin for WordPress is just that.

  • Each alphabetical section will automatically list every entry that begins with that letter.
  • Each entry will display exactly how you would expect: with its Origin, Related Entries, and Type showing only if you actually added that information.
  • Entries will show up in your site’s search results.

In fact, it will feel like such a natural extension of your WordPress website, that you’ll forget it didn’t come installed with WordPress in the first place.

A flexible answer to a complicated question.

The question is this: “How do you make a custom dictionary work on my website?”

It’s a complicated question, because the technical answer is really long and boring. The good news is that I’ve taken care of the technical part.

(Which makes this plugin the flexible answer.)

  • The Dictionary Plugin for WordPress will work with any WordPress theme (free or premium) that follows the standards set for themes. Almost every theme is built this way.
  • The plugin also provides simple settings that you only have to check when you first install your dictionary. Once you are up and running, everything is automatic.
  • The plugin lets you translate – so if you are creating a dictionary for a non-English language, updating the titles for Origins and Related Entries to your own language will take you less than one minute.

The video below is a quick tutorial that demos what it looks like to set up your dictionary. The plugin comes with PDF documentation that goes into each step below in much more detail.

Please note that the specific styles you see in the video are based on the theme used for the demonstration. You can learn more about the theme in the video here.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

A guaranteed fix to a difficult setback.

I wouldn’t expect you to use the Dictionary Plugin if you find yourself unsatisfied with its performance.

The first thing I’ll do if you have any issues is try to help you figure out why it’s not as easy as it should be. If we are unable to resolve your problem and you will no longer be using the plugin, I will refund your purchase in full.

In other words, this plugin is 100% money-back guaranteed.

(Even more good news? You’ll keep receiving new features as I continue to improve this plugin.)

Dictionary Plugin for WordPress

The Dictionary Plugin for WordPress is the best plugin that makes adding a dictionary to your website easy. It works with almost any theme. No coding or fancy configuration is required. It is easily translatable for custom and non-English dictionaries.

Feature list:

  • Automatically incorporates dictionary entries within blog posts
  • Automatic alphabetical sorting
  • Includes entries in search results
  • Shortcodes and widgets are available
  • Comments can be enabled for entries
  • Support for adding to Menus and Widgets
  • Full documentation, including video tutorials

The Dictionary Plugin for WordPress is available for a limited time at $30.
Developed and maintained by Anne Dorko.


Just to clarify: This plugin gives you the functionality to easily build a dictionary on your website. You are responsible for adding your own entries!

Risk free: This plugin is risk free and 100% money-back guaranteed! You will receive free support. If an issues is not resolvable, you will get your money back.

Bonus benefits: You will get access to free same-version updates, and discounts on any future versions of the plugin.