Anne Dorko Is

The Tunesmith

Songwriter · Music Producer · Queer Artist

Forging emotional resilience through the power of music.

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In the Media


People Magazine
Yahoo! Entertainment
GoDaddy Domains and Web Hosting
Acoustic Centre: Music shop in Melbourne, Australia




Unicorns in Tech: The Global LGBTI Tech & Science Conference
This Week Online Today with Ahmed Khalifa
OBearry Podcast
Without Boxes Podcast


Electronic textures · Catchy melodies · Layered tones · Memorable lyrics

Telling Stories With Sound

Storytelling is my passion. My craft is one of the most powerful mediums of all: music. I tell stories with sound… be those stories mine, yours, or those of our imaginations.

Music Production

I take pre-written songs and translate them into textural pop electronica music.

Services for:

  • Songwriters
  • Singer-songwriters
  • Cover artists
  • Parody artists

Tracks include:

  • Beats
  • Bass
  • Ambient synth
  • Lead synth

All original, all the time.

I pride myself on bespoke composition! That means all elements of your track are composed from scratch to best fit the vibe of your song, avoiding pre-written loops and minimizing the use of samples.

Full Composition

I write and produce original music for singers and commercial media.

Services for:

  • Singers
  • Commercials
  • TV & web series
  • Film
  • Games

End products include:

  • Full original piece
  • :15, :30, and :60 social media cuts
  • Loopable sections
  • Stingers
  • Bumpers

Modern, ambient, uplifting.

Your project should connect with your audience using the raw power of human emotion. I focus on textural modern anthems, tones, and lyrics that speak to the soul and feels right.


Anne’s music production is meticulous. They’re dedicated to doing the job right. Their own indie pop music features cheerful layered instrumentals and chill vocals with positive affirmational lyrics. Nothing sappy. Just music to make you feel better. Which is just a natural extension of who they are – the most thoughtfully and proactively supportive human I know. Be who you are. It’s okay. Anne has your back. And if they make a mistake, they will listen and learn and do better. I fully expect that extends to their professional ethic –
they want to do right, and they will listen to and work with you to ensure that they give you, to the best of their ability, what you need.
Paul-Gabriel Wiener

Anne is an incredibly talented musical artist. I follow their creative process for quite some time already. I’ve seen them creating songs with lyrics and melodies that go straight to your heart, creating songs for and about others with and without lyrics, recreating existing songs in their own style, and producing jingles and melodies for various occasions. Their songs and jingles are stuck in my head and brighten my mood every time I listen to them.

On top, Anne is a kind and self-reflecting person, listening to their partner/customer/audience, and making the best out of their and your ideas. I highly recommend them for any music production and music creation hires.