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Who is Anne Dorko?

The Essentials

Anne is a queer, nonbinary songwriter and musical artist. You can often find them writing and producing their original music live on Twitch at! They are on a journey to combat anxiety with chaotic good through their music.

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The Backstory

Anne grew up around music, participating in a variety of performing arts. In 2013 they became a singer-songwriter in earnest. After writing for several years, Anne began live-streaming performances on Twitch in 2018, where they discovered a community of people who enjoyed their music and message of self-discovery and growth. In January 2019, Anne embarked on the journey of learning to bring songs to life through music production and hasn’t been able to stop ever since.

 Musical Stylings

Anne’s typical work is reminiscent of the soft yet uplifting synth sounds of The Postal Service combined with the heartfelt vulnerability of Rebecca Sugar’s writing and performances. However, they draw inspiration from a number of other artists including Panic! at the Disco, P!nk, John Rzeznik, and Imogen Heap, and enjoy playing with different musical elements found across multiple genres.

Creator of

Writing music to combat anxiety. is a chaotic good community centered around the music and content of Anne Dorko. You can support Anne’s personal creative work by becoming a patron.

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