Bicycle Tour 2015

Bicycle Tour 2015

A solo bicycle expedition through the deserts of California to the highlands of Utah.

STATUS: Completed, as of May 21st 2015!

What bicycle tour?

The BIKE TOUR 2015 project is about getting myself from San Diego to Salt Lake City in one piece using my wits, resources, and bicycle by May 25th.

Curious enough to follow along?

Written posts are coming slowly, but here’s the posts so far:

Videos are going up much more regularly! The YouTube video list is here, or you can click each individual video here:

But how?

Everything costs money! Don’t I have a job? How do I have time for this? Or money?

The truth is, I didn’t really have what I needed to take on this journey. Which brings me to the next segment: All of my gratitude for the people who have helped me along the way.


There are so many people who have provided support and encouragement, there are far too many of you to list. I am truly rich in amazing friends and family. But not only that, I have received so much extra support to make this trip real!

Without you all, I wouldn’t have…

The Gear

Mike Barosko, Garrett Moreau, Jimmy Wu, Barbara Gatch, Patrick & Odeliah Yeung

The Meals

Jimmy Wu, Barbara Gatch, Melina Flender, Nathan & Allison Loudon, Lauren Howard, and a few who wish to remain anonymous

The Advice

Russell York, Nissen Ward, Garrett Moreau

BONUS: Special thanks to Russell for lending me his GoPro!

The Company

Jonmarc Laine, Hannah Laine

Want to help?

I’m currently still on my journey and there are always unexpected costs — fixing gear, replacing gear, more food, having money for emergencies, and so on.

You can buy me a meal or two through PayPal (click that link), and then keep on enjoying the posts, videos, and photos that come from the trip.

Thank you for listening to my story and supporting me with your interest!