The Art of Doing (And Succeeding)

The Art of Doing (And Succeeding)

In many cases, successful people are not more talented, smarter, or any more clever than you are. They simply do things that you won't.

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the “what if” of horrible outcomes.

Sometimes it is so easy to decide that what you could do now should be done later, because honestly, you just have better things to be doing right now.

What if you just did?

Just did… what?

Take for example, this story:

October 2008. I am itching to do a new design. My younger sister keeps having brilliant thoughts on politics. I put two and two together and ask her if she’d like to start a blog. She says “sure”, but is hesitant to dedicate to posting regularly. I don’t care, and I put up a blog for her - custom domain and all.

She puts up her first post. It’s a good post, to be sure, but it makes her nervous.

January 2009. She finally decides to post again. Once again, the nervousness prevents her from posting again.

2 posts. But posts - and good, well thought out ones at that.

October 2010. I receive a call. I don’t recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail so I can hear whether it’s legit. I listen - it’s a call from a publishing company on the east coast. They are looking for a certain “Odeliah Dorko” and want to know whether I know her because they need permission to print one of her posts in a book. Why yes, yes I know my own sister.

The benefits of doing.

2 years later, my sister is about to be a published political writer - just because I encouraged her to start a blog. Note that she didn’t even have a successful blog as far as maintenance or mass readership. Even though she never pursued it, she gave it a try just for the sake of doing it.

It could happen to you.

Sometimes we choose not to do things because we don’t understand the benefit. Sometimes we don’t do things because we don’t see any benefit at all.

Sometimes just doing brings about things we never could have seen coming.

What are you going to just do? Have you ever experienced something that happened just because you stepped out of your comfort zone to try something?