Seriously, I can't even keep up with myself.

Seriously, I can't even keep up with myself.

To quickly put this year in review, from a physical location standpoint:

To quickly put this year in review, from a physical location standpoint:

  • January-March: New Zealand
  • Mid-March: Japan
  • April: California
  • April-May: San Diego to Salt Lake City Cycling Tour
  • May-September: Grand Teton National Park/Yellowstone
  • **September-October:
    **Austin, New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco, Eugene, Seattle Road Trip
  • October: Germany


The emotional roller coasters I have been through, the number of planes I have boarded, the miles I have driven (not to mention the miles I’ve cycled), the amount of drama I have witnessed and endured… that is all for the books.

This post isn’t about the stories. This post is about, well, the rest of it.

Grand Teton, 12 September 2015

Missing updates: Go!

So, I have a backlog of cycling tour videos to finish (for the archives, if nothing else) and ideally I’ll finish up writing the saga as well. I do intend to finish these, but I have to focus on surviving in Europe right now.

Over the summer, I worked with the Grand Teton Lodging Company and served tables in a homely restaurant out where there was no reception or internet. This experiment alone is worth talking about, let alone the numerous great experiences I had and the amazing people I met over the summer. But, I’ll discuss that later as well.

More importantly: I survived my bicycle tour, and I then flourished over the summer. I took a lot of “me” time and did a lot of self-therapy.

Am I fixed yet? Hell no. But I’m doing better.

Golden Gate Bridge, 03 October 2015

What about now?

I flew into Germany about one week ago.

I have been living a quiet, domestic life with a friend here. I just purchased my first German bicycle. I will be taking a 4-week intensive German language course in Cologne starting on October 26th.

From there on out, it’s a giant question mark.

I will continue to focus on my music and photography. My freelancing will have to keep me afloat, unless some magical dream job I don’t know about lands on my lap unexpectedly.

Europe fits my lifestyle quite nicely. The pace, the priorities, the culture. Of course, there’s some cultural adjustment — things are closed more often. I’d love to stay as long as I can. The German language has evaded me so far, but I’m hoping with the help of my classes I’ll finally conquer those umlauts and choking “ch” sounds in every other word.

Meanwhile, I will continue to float.

Anne Dorko in Germany

Have work for me?

I can do commissioned artwork, photography, graphic design, and web development. Or if you know about that dream job, just point me in the right direction. You know where to find me.

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