New Motto for Life: Plan Less, Do More

New Motto for Life: Plan Less, Do More

Platt College does their best to bring in inspirational designers from around the world. Recently, Fabio Sasso gave us an amazing presentation about how he founded Abduzeedo.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of listening to Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo. Not only did I get to hear him speak, but I got the pleasure of hanging out with him for drinks afterward - where he spoke of many crazy experiences life had given him.

What did I get out of it? It came down to this quote from Fabio’s presentation:

Plan less, do more.

Everything Fabio has accomplished happened because he didn’t overthink anything - he just did them. He has now designed for Wired Magazine, MSNBC and other huge brands. He gets to travel every year. He is making a living doing what he loves.

Does that sound good to you?

Quit dreaming.

Go do something about it.