Women Of The World: Yes, you should shave your head.

Women Of The World: Yes, you should shave your head.

A few years ago, I decided to shave my head. It turns out that you should probably shave yours too.

It all started when I spoke about the decision I made to shave my head. After seeing the number of women who seem to find that post wondering whether or not they, too, should shave their heads… I wanted to write a follow up.

No, I’m not skinny or particularly athletic looking. Yes, my face is a bit round. You might be thin, or you may not be so thin. Your face may be tall, long, short, round, or wide. Your hair may be thick, thin, short, long, curly, straight —

None of those things matter.

There’s only one formula to know whether or not you should shave your head: You want to.


Shaving your head is clearly something you’re thinking about.

There’s something about it that appeals to you. Maybe it will make you feel like a badass. Maybe it’s the most daring thing you’ve done in a while. Maybe you want to bend gender stereotypes. Maybe you hate dealing with a full head of hair. Maybe you just want to for no reason.

You know what? Yeah, sometimes it freaks people out.

People don’t know how to handle you when you know what you want, and you go for it boldly.

Shaving your head is a visual statement of confidence. (And if you struggle with confidence, you’ll find portraying it really helps.)

Shaving your head is taking control over what the world says should define your femininity.

Shaving your head forces people to look twice. To think.

Shaving your head is freedom from all the things that come attached with hair: Shampoo, conditioner, brushes, combs, straighteners, curlers, expensive haircuts, hat hair, bed head, and hours of your time spent a slave to it.

You are literally cutting away material ties and superficial obsessiveness when you chop off your locks to an eight of an inch.

It’s a simple act.

But — it’s hard to do if you’ve never done it before. Hell, I even had a hard time recently going back down to a full shave after cutting and shaping my own hair for months while I let the top grow out a few inches.

All you need is about 10 minutes of willpower.

Then you’re free.

And, like so many paradoxes in life, you may find that you discover a piece of yourself once you’ve let go.