chronic starter

I can't seem to stop starting things.

Or creating things, or getting involved in new projects, or helping people come up with fabulous ideas. (It's entirely possible I have an addiction to being part of great and awesome projects.)


my projects

Self-Induced Confusion: A Memoir

I am currently writing a book about the chaos that has been my life


Drake Noon

I write music in my spare time under an anagram pseudonym


WordPress Dictionary Plugin

I offer a WordPress plugin that helps you create a custom dictionary on your website


Anatomy WordPress Theme

I also offer a responsive WordPress theme that comes packed with the right sort of options


Delirious Writ

I practice creative writing at a free hosted WordPress blog


Without Boxes

I blog about getting the most out of life while becoming someone you love to be


Small Business Website Guide for Business Owners

I wrote an awful lot about understanding the web for small business



my posts


Emma tempts fate, dabbles in schwarzfahren

“When are we meeting the photographer?” I asked Emma as she changed into her third outfit of the day. We hadn’t even gone anywhere yet. “Around 4,” she said over her shoulder, studying her newly donned dress in the mirror. “It takes like an hour to get there.” I glanced at the time. It was already practically 3 o’clock. […]

Everything Is Fine, Nothing Is Ruined: Budapest, featuring “Wow, is this real life?”

“Great, we have to get used to a whole other language now,” Emma and I despaired as we spilled out into the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport with our ever expanding* luggage. There were entirely unrecognizable words like bejárat and kijárat posted everywhere. At least toalett was familiar. And that reaction how you know we had more than acclimated to the […]

The Future Is Coming With Or Without You: Also, I went to Europe.

“Madam, your driver is waiting for you downstairs,” a voice pours over the phone in a thick French accent. Music to my ears.

Ah… Words I’m missing already.

Touching down in the AUS airport on Sunday brought back reality: lots of oatmeal and ramen, pennies saved, but at least the water here is endless and free. It feels like forever ago that I was scrambling to get my passport in time for a trip that didn’t seem like it could be real, at all.

A dream. A fantasy. The impossible. The laughable.

I didn’t believe any of it till I was actually getting off the plane in a foreign country after hours of air time.

“You are in Belgium,” an official with a gruff voice stated abruptly as he pushed the stamp down into the first page of my passport, signaling the end to our entrance interrogation. (more…)

Why Being An Artist Kills You

I’m an artist. A creative type. A creator.

It is a truly frustrating way to be. It’s like being subject to the decisions of a teenager for your entire life. Imagine knowing what you should be doing, understanding and seeing the bigger picture, and then promptly finding yourself staring at the ceiling wishing that connecting the dots didn’t require so much uncreative grind. You find yourself physically incapable of actually acting on the responsibilities you need to take care of.

Because the grind is called that for a reason.

It’s why even though you look at art or hear music or read a book and think, “I could do that better,” you haven’t – and you never will.

Being an artist isn’t actually about being talented. Sure, there are a lot of talented people. But they are not all artists. Not to mention that not all artists are equally talented – or arguably, even talented at all. (more…)

World Domination, or what comes next when everything has gone to waste.

I have spent almost a year in virtual hibernation. No real movement towards my goals, radio silence on my social media accounts, projects left dead in the water.

Let’s discuss this for a minute.

What does it mean to discover yourself? What does it mean to figure out what’s important to you? What does it mean to be completely selfish for the first time in your life?

I’ve found a lot of answers and peace in exploring those questions.



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