Hi, my name is Anne and I love to Freelance & Travel

Designer & Developer

First and foremost, I help people succeed online.

Through written tutorials, videos, and contract web design & development, I'm here to make your small business perform better with online tools, strategy, and design.

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Author, Blogger, Storyteller

Secondly, I write. (A lot.)

I write educational pieces, creative works, and memoir pieces depicting my misadventures around the globe. I do this both for myself and for hire.

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Artist & Musician

Finally, I am an artist and a musician.

My primary medium is digital fine arts photography, published under the name Seriously Inspired.

My musical style is acoustic singer-songwriter, under what I call my First Aid project.

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It doesn't matter whether you're...

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  • simply enjoying my music
  • intrigued by my stories and travels

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